Health & Safety Standards

All JF Electrical Services Ltd installations and refurbishment work meet health and safety regulations, backed by the relevant documentation.


JF Electrical Services Ltd are highly qualified and complete full risk assessment and project proposals for every installation guaranteeing your business complies completely with the very latest Health and Safety Regulations.

Health & Safety Policy Statement:

  1. Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees, providing appropriate tools, equipment, operational processes and safe systems of work covering all our activities.
  2. JFES management accepts the responsibility for applying the above and for providing information, instruction and training at all times and for the duration necessary to achieve this purpose.
  3. Provide suitable facilities and make the necessary arrangements for the welfare of all our employees at work.
  4. Where risks to safety or health need to be 'assessed' under a specific duty or Regulations, JFES will ensure that an 'assessment' is carried out and that all actions shown to be necessary will be implemented.
  5. Should any activities endanger the health of employees, such activities will be monitored and where necessary, arrangements for health surveillance made.
  6. JFES will provide suitable information regarding the safety or safe use of services and products.
  7. JFES plan to minimise the risks created by work activities, products and services
  8. JFES will organise themselves in a way that secures involvement and participation at all levels and measure performance against pre-determined standards.