HVAC Energy Management
Control of the working environment is a very important part of the work place. Sympathetic control of the working environment not only produces better and cleaner conditions, it is often less costly than you may think, certainly when viewed against a backdrop of possibly increased productivity and enthusiasm.

JF Electrical Services Ltd are able to help you design, install and maintain HVAC building control systems. HVAC building control systems can be designed to interface with fire alarm, boiler and ventilation systems.

 HVAC Energy Management

Control Panel Cabinets can be customised to your exact specification:

q       Free standing or wall mounted

q       Double or single doors

q       Range of fabrications and finishes


Control Panel features include:

q       Environmental zone manager

q       Weekly programming

q       Individual temperature setting for each zone

q       Individual operating mode for each zone

q       Individual air distribution for each zone

q       Holiday function

q       Remote diagnostic

q       Anti-freeze protection

q       Temporary programme override

q       Battery backup in the event of loss of power